Thursday, June 25, 2009


Every summer after school ends my daughter and I tackle her bedroom. We give it a good cleaning, we rearrange furniture and we get rid of excess stuff accumulated throughout the year. In other words, we give it a good Spring Cleaning, but in the summer. Well this year is no different. We haven't quite finished, however, I decided to take a short "creative break." Amongst some of the decor she claims she has already "out-grown" and wants to get out of her room was this cute, but simple decorative wire corset. I bought this piece at a garage sale for 50 cents. Can you believe it? I do love a bargain. I knew I wouldn't be using it anywhere else in our cottage so I decided to repurpose it. So this is what I came up with. What do you think?

From a cute corset to a decorative wire cloche. I'll have to admit, this project was quite challenging, but it was very gratifying to see it completed. A word to the wise, always wear gloves when working with wire. Ouch!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

A very special greeting goes out to all the wonderful Dads in my life. With special wishes to my husband Jose, my Dad-in-Law Lupe, my brothers Miguel and Victor, but most especially to my Papi. I miss you and wish you an extra special day. Hope to see you soon. I love you all. Happy Father's Day!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cottage Home Sign Project

"W hat is this?", you might be asking yourself. Well, it is an old closet shelf and the latest project I've tackled. About a year ago we did some renovations to our little cottage and amongst all the trash was this little piece of treasure, which I salvaged. "Why?", because there is hidden beauty here. As a self proclaimed "Road-Side Acquisition Specialist", I tend to see the beauty and possibilities in, well... trash. Finally after a year of toying with different ideas, it came to me. A SIGN! No, literally, to make a vintage style sign.

So here it is. I really did like how this project turned out. Honestly, all I did was paint Cottage Home on it and destressed it some more with an antiquing glaze. It was that easy... I hope you all agree this is a true trash to treasure.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Love Hydrangeas

I love all flowers. They are all beautiful and special in their own unique way. However, of all the flowers, I would have to say the Hydrangea is my favorite of them all. I love all the colors they come in and I love how each blossom looks like a cute bouquet of tiny, little flowers. They are absolutely beautiful to me.
A while back, in a built in planter I had in the front of my house right underneath my kitchen window, I had the most beautiful hydrangeas. A few years ago we did some renovations which meant having to transplant them to a different part of the house. Unfortunately they didn't make it. It was the saddest thing ever. I had planted them and watched them grow and enjoyed many years of their beautiful flowers...but now they're gone. The good news is that when I transplanted them, back then, I also decided to take a cutting from one of the original plants and pot it. Well , it wasn't doing too well until this year. It is getting big and is full of green leaves (below). I can't wait until it's first blossom. In the mean time I can enjoy my Mom's pink Hydrangea (above) when I go visit. The beautiful picture of the Pink Hydrangea was taken by my talented daughter. I love it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Romantic Homes Magazine-June 2009

I have been a Romantic Homes Magazine fan for quite a while now. I love the beautiful pictures, inspiring articles and great decorating tips. I love this magazine so much I've been slowing collecting old as well as the new issues. Well, since this magazine is one of my most favorite I've decided to write a monthly post on some article, picture, idea or tip I've seen or read in that particular month's issue. Alright then, lets begin.

In the June 2009 issue I found an awesome idea for creating lovely furniture from vintage salvage materials.
This cupboard, for example, was made from a vintage window, vintage bead board for the backing and crown molding. I think it is absolutely beautiful. I wonder if I can get my hubby to build me one?

This Savannah, a multiple purpose shelving unit, was cleverly made out of a vintage wooden door, vintage table legs, cast iron brackets and part of a vintage tabletop for the table and the top shelf. Both pieces where finished with white paint and viola! It goes to show that with a little imagination, some white paint and some creativity one can create beautiful masterpieces out of recycled stuff. However, if working with tools isn't your thing and you are more of an instant gratification kinda person, you can find these pieces and others like them ready made and ready for purchase at Well, I hope these ideas stirred your creative juices as much as they did mine. Until next time, be thankful, be happy and be creative!

Monday, June 1, 2009

June Gloom

H ey everyone, it's June 1st and boy talk about June Gloom... It's been gloomy for the past few days and it's driving me crazy. I need some sun. Well at least summer is just around the corner and there is plenty to look forward to. Anyway, Happy June Everyone!!!

God Bless!